The minute we set eyes on them, we can tell they are different; they walk briskly and stand tall. They have impeccable packaging, well-coordinated gestures and perfect mannerisms. They have an air about them that says “I know who I am and you’ll be glad you met me”. It’s often in the way they look, move, speak and when we come close to them, the way they meet and greet us makes us so comfortable that they instantly win our admiration and trust and we are all too willing to do business with them. They are Professionals. Here is a checklist to help you take stock.


Your Appearance

  1. Do you choose clothes that flatter your unique physical attributes?

  2. Do you dress appropriately for the occasion?

  3. Do you have a signature style that makes you stand out?

  4. Do you use color sparingly and strategically?

  5. Is your personal hygiene/grooming up to par?


Your Behavior 

  1. Do you stand tall, shoulders back, chin up and knees slightly flexed?

  2. Do you use gestures that correspond to your words?

  3. Do you smile and give a firm handshake?

  4. Do you shake hands from the elbow and not the shoulder or wrist?

  5. Do you maintain good eye contact?


Your Communication

  1. Do you know how to introduce yourself and others properly?

  2. Do you have a magnetic self-introduction statement?

  3. Do you know how to start and sustain conversations?

  4. Do you observe personal space rules?

  5. Do you speak clearly in a pleasant voice?


So, what impression do you make on others?  Answer the questions above and you will be on your way to looking, acting and sounding the part – authentic and professional.


If you need help creating a memorable first impression, feel free to take me up on my complimentary Brand Clarity Consultation.


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