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We created the Do4Others nonprofit organization to give each kid a computer and accessories to get a proper education through video calls or in-class lessons. Join us and be part of this important mission.
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Quick and easy steps for donating your computer

Pickup Service

You don’t need to move anything. We will do the job for you. You can even leave the computer at the door. We will pick up the computer and leave you a donation document.


Delete, Fix, and Repeat

Your old computer is in good hands, and so is your data. We will delete everything (so don’t forget to back up before pick up). Then we will fix and upgrade, and voilà, a brand new computer is born.


Distribution Center

Once a computer is ready, we are on our way to making a kid happy. The package will include a computer, accessories, and complete technical support.


We love our partners
They are the engine behind our project


What if PACKAGING could save YOUR LIFE, literally?​

Personal Brand Strategist, Coach & Speaker – shows purpose-driven entrepreneurs, service professionals and founders how to leverage their competitive advantage to grow their influence, impact & income.

Hello, I am Pat, and I am glad you are here.

I know what it feels like to have life-changing expertise and yet feel invisible to those who need you the most.

When I finally cracked the strategic positioning code to build my brand, selling myself short, feeling invisible and spreading myself thin on social media became a thing of the past.

Since then, I’ve had the time of my life helping my clients gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to turn their expertise into a unique platform that allows them to pursue their personal and professional goals profitably.

I hope my team and I can do the same for you.

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