Self-confidence is a paradox. The paradox is, we are always looking for more confidence yet, we have all the confidence we need right on the inside. We all experience highs and lows in our self-confidence, but what do you do when you seem to have more lows that you can’t bounce back from? Here are a few tips to get you out of the rut.



Embrace Your Difference

It’s your difference that makes you special. Instead of worrying about what you are not or cannot do, focus on what you can do well. Remember that weaknesses or struggles can never surpass strengths, so own your strengths, celebrate your difference and never apologize for who you are.


Choose Gratitude

It’s very easy to get caught up in what’s not working so well in your life, so make a deliberate effort to remember the positives. Recount past victories: successful projects you’ve handled, people you’ve helped, opportunities that have come your way that you weren’t necessarily qualified for, etc etc. Choosing gratitude during your low times has a humbling effect on you and somehow reassures you that, brighter days are still ahead.  


Revisit Your Vision

There’s a saying that “obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal” and that’s exactly what happens when you forget WHY you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Perhaps you got sidetracked by paying too much attention to the competition? Well, it’s time to revisit the big picture to help you get back on track. Allow yourself to dream a little. Visualize your life and business just how you’d like it, and soak in that emotion for a while. Your vision should remind you of the benefits your work brings to others and the joy and fulfilment it fills your heart with. 


Choose Positive Words

Words are powerful and what you say to yourself will determine how quickly you’ll bounce back from the slump. Make a concerted effort to choose and speak positive words to yourself. The truth is, your emotions are never a true reflection of your situation. Make a list of your positive points and create affirmations out of them. Speak these out loud to yourself and watch as your emotions line up with your words – yes, you are that powerful!  


Look The Part

It takes very little effort to mirror your negative emotions in your appearance, but something amazing happens when you choose to look and act contrary to how you feel. Ditch the temptation to live in ‘Pajamaland’ all day. Instead, take a bath, choose an outfit in one of your best colors and put some makeup on. Look and act the part until you are your confident self again. Here’s a link to an amazing video by Amy Cuddy on the subject. 


Take Action

Write down three obstacles that are holding you back from getting to your next level. Now, think of all the negative emotions that these obstacles are creating in your life, and then replace them with all the positives you will experience when the obstacles are removed. This exercise should inject some life back into you, as you would naturally not want to live in a place of pain. Decide the way forward and do one thing that will move you a step closer to your desired destination. Your baby steps will lead to bigger things in no time.


Show Up

Now that you’re looking the part, you should follow that up and create some positive visibility for yourself. Go ahead and meet up with a friend for lunch, attend a networking event, and volunteer your services where needed – put your best face on and show up for yourself and your business. Deliberately putting yourself out there in a positive way is how you attract more of the opportunities you so desire.

The next time self-doubt threatens to hold you back from enjoying your life and business, remember that inside you is all the confidence you’ll ever need, then go right ahead and unleash it- because you can!


So, how do you revive your confidence? Do add your tips below.

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