Brand Me Authentic – Live!

Your Personal Brand Is Your Greatest Asset.

An interactive workshop to build your brand from the ground-up.

A strategic personal brand can open doors to amazing opportunities, better-paying jobs, and high-end clients. Learn how to redefine your personal brand advantage, clarify your message and position yourself for more impact & income.

In today’s’ competitive marketplace where people have more options to choose from, building your personal brand is how you stand out from the pack whether you’re looking to find a new job, scale your career, or attract new clients and opportunities.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel you could achieve more in life if you had more confidence.
  • You’re unclear about your strengths, values, and expertise.
  • You are overlooked for promotions at work and you don’t seem to understand why.
  • You turn down invitations to functions for fear of embarrassing yourself.
  • You feel your personal image might be hurting your career or business.
  • You struggle to present yourself & your great ideas successfully.
  • You’re mortified about speaking in public but would love to learn how.
  • You’ve difficulty answering the question ” so what do you do”

Brand Me Authentic Workshops offer a hands-on approach to discovering your personal brand advantage, defining your brilliance, clarifying your messaging and positioning yourself to articulate & communicate your true value like the expert you are.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Personal Brand Makeover

Building your brand is preceded by clearly defining it. The Personal Brand Makeover package forms a strong foundation for building and monetizing your expertise. Defining your brand gives you the clarity & confidence to own your brilliance, market yourself effectively and optimize your online footprints to make a credible digital first impression. This makeover will –

  • Unearth the core of your brand: purpose, values, strengths, and passions.
  • Define your competitive brand advantage.
  • Profile your perfect ideal audience.
  • Define your brand personality and voice
  • Discuss your visual brand identity.
  • and incorporate your brand into your career


Visual Brand Makeover

Your personal image (appearance, behaviour & communication) is the first thing people notice about your personal brand. The Visual Brand Makeover is about aligning your personal packing with the soul of your brand. By polishing your personal image and learning to communicate your brand values through your appearance and behaviour, you become memorable and position yourself to attract your audience, easily. This makeover will –

  • Focus on your visual, verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Discover your brand archetype and style personality
  • Create your signature style to communicate your brand values
  • Identify your unique body shape & how to best express your style
  • Identify the best colours for your clothing and makeup
  • Polish your social and professional etiquette.


Brand Message Makeover

People “buy” you before they buy your products and services. You are your business and how you present yourself and your ideas have the power to attract or repel your potential clients, employers or investors.

The Brand Message Makeover addresses the verbal communication that describes who you are, what you do and how you make a difference so that your audience can quickly identify and select you from the pack. This makeover will –

  • Polish your personal presentation
  • Prepare you to speak in different settings to promote your brand
  • Develop your brand positioning statement
  • Craft your elevator pitch
  • Craft your self-introduction statement (for networking)


Digital Brand Makeover

Are your digital footprints growing your brand or are they damaging your credibility and reputation? This package is about optimizing your online footprints to ensure that you make a credible digital first impression.

Our world lives online today, so making a great first impression no longer happens when you meet people in person. Investing in your digital brand and making a credible first impression online is how you take control of your reputation to grow your brand and business. This makeover will –

  • Audit your online footprints
  • Define your personal brand & identity & ideal audience
  • Update x3 Social media profiles
  • Develop your digital brand messaging
  • Do a basic photo shoot (for your online profiles)
  • Develop your brand communication plan


What Clients Are Saying


Starting one’s own business can be a daunting and lonely process: I was beginning to feel this way when I stumbled across friendly, welcoming Ms. Pat Baiden.

I had just resigned from full-time well-paying employment in pursuit of my childhood dream. One, I had a lot in my head in terms of what I wanted to do. Two, I had no direction in terms of how I was going to both crystalize and get my message (products & services) out to the world.

Ms. Baiden made it all seem so simple; (after making me go to work to get a meaningful result) after about four sessions with her, I had my well-structured draft marketing message for my young business and in a week’s time, I will be officially live! (Andile Kwakweni – Executive Coach @ Alulia Pty)


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