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To uplevel your brand.

What if you could discover and leverage your competitive brand advantage to find your dream job, attract more clients to your business, or even start a brand new lifestyle business from scratch?

Our services are for purpose-driven individuals who want to stand out in a heavily crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace to attract the opportunities they need to advance their personal & professional goals. Our services are for you if you’re looking to:

  • Take control of your digital brand to make a credible first impression.
  • Upgrade your business’ winning advantage to attract more clients online.
  • Turn your expertise into a lucrative product/service to pursue your passions & build your brand legacy.

Whether you’re looking for a website, upgrade your existing business, launch a new business or outsource your social media marketing, we can help, and we should talk.


Our Packages

Delivered in 7 days.
This makeover defines your competitive brand advantage and translates it into a visually attractive CV /Personal Profile, website/blog & updates your social media accounts to help you make a credible digital first impression attract the opportunities you need to grow your brand.
Delivered in 14 days.
Struggling to attract clients to grow your business? Ready to upgrade your business? Let us give your business a fresh makeover with visual identity & website design to help you attract more clients in just 14 days.
Delivered in 30 days.
Looking to turn your passions into a lifestyle business? Package your expertise into a book, launch online course or get paid to speak? Or perhaps you want to launch an NPO to help your community? Let us clarify your ideas & turn them into a lifestyle business in just 30 days.

 What Clients Are Saying


I met Pat Baiden because I wanted a website, but after she introduced me to her services, I knew I needed more than just a website. In just one session, she saw things about me that I couldn’t see about myself; she saw past Akhona the referee. Pat made me understand that I have the responsibility of creating opportunities for others – and that stuck with me. Before I worked with Pat, I had so many ideas but didn’t know where to start to implement them, but the day I sat down with her, she helped me unpack and package them meaningfully. Now I know my true worth and how to position myself to grow as a brand to achieve my goals and dreams. Pat has changed my life forever with her work. She injected so much energy in me to ensure that my legacy touches and transforms lives. Brand Me Authentic has really played a big role in helping me live my brand with authenticity. I certainly recommend Pat any day. Akhona “SheRef” Makalima – (FIFA Referee & Wellness Coach @

Pat helped me turn my vision into a profitable business model. It’s one thing to know your vision, have dreams or ideas but another to know the practical steps required in order to transform that idea into a profitable brand. Pat, thank you for providing a map and patiently journeying with me into a discovery of the goldmine hidden in me. Lungi Mpambani (Former Business Solutions Manager – Nedbank & Founder @


When you first meet Pat, she’s passionate about business. After the first meeting, she becomes passionate about you; she takes an interest in your life and your business. As an aspiring Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry, I was constantly in search of assistance to start my business.  When Pat introduced herself and her services, I felt she was a God sent as I had come to believe that it was impossible to find someone within the industry who was willing to assist others to start or grow their businesses. Pat doesn’t only advise or point you in the right direction; she actually holds your hand throughout and points out aspects of your business that you might not even be aware of. What I like about Pat’s services is that it covers every aspect of your business including staff recruitment and training, marketing your business, your Personal Image to help you present yourself well as well as questionnaires to help you understand yourself better. It’s a bonus that she’s also an Image Consultant. At some point, I was ready to give up and she wouldn’t let me until I’d explored all other options; Pat wouldn’t let you give up until you are the successful business woman you’ve always wanted to be.  After a session with Pat, you not only feel motivated and inspired, you actually feel like you can take on the world! I often tell her she should be a motivational speaker. Ayanda Bikitsha – (Former Truelove Magazine Editor & Beauty Business Consultant @ B’

Pat is very professional. She works diligently to get things right so her work is of high quality. Thank you Pat, for all you’re doing to promote MorHealth. (Riccy Durrheim – Clinical Nurse Specialist @ MorHealth Medical Ozone)

I really enjoyed working with Pat. She was able to take my thoughts and ideas and make them a reality. In the process, I learnt a lot about how to ‘brand’ my business – and that there is so much more that is available out there that I never paid attention to. We have built a website that I’m proud to show off, and we have had such great feedback from our clients. Pat is really an expert in her field of service. Dr. Ntando Mangisa – (Mangisa Family Dental Care)

Working with Pat in setting up my business was a tremendous experience. From translating my vision into a business entity right down to branding and staff recruitment and training; the whole experience was unquantifiable. Today, Bespoque is a year old and counting—thanks a bunch Pat. Busola Adeniyi (BeautyPreneur & Owner @ 

I’d like to thank Pat for such a wonderful and professional service she’s rendered. She took me through a program called “Passion To Profit” to help me turn my passion for Clothing and Events into a profitable business. As a young businesswoman, I have benefited a lot from this program and I think it is a great tool for entrepreneurs.

Pat is kind and selfless: through the journey of building your business, she puts herself in your shoes and goes all out to make sure that your business idea is realized. It’s been a lifesaver having Pat on my side and I’ll definitively recommend her to others. Thank you, Pat and God richly bless you. Abigail Nyezwa Mvunelo – (Former Stakeholder Relations Manager – Amatola Water & Founder @

I registered my company years back, but I couldn’t really focus on it so there was nothing happening at all. When I met Pat, she made me realize I had neglected my passion. There’s life in my business now since I started working with her – my vision is much brighter and clearer. She assists me all the way, whenever I’m unclear about something. I’m just grateful to have someone like her who is professional, friendly and available to communicate with any time. My brand is coming together beautifully because of her great and dedicated work.  Good luck with the great work ahead. (Sisanda Mhlontlo – Found)

Thank you, Pat, for being a blessing to small businesses.  I’m reminded of what you saw in me when I was convinced that you were not seeing clearly, but through obedience, you persisted and for that, I’m eternally grateful. Thank you for being patient and extremely honest with me at all times. I have learned so much from working with you and I look forward to learning more. You are a blessing to the economy of EC & RSA and I pray that as we prosper through your guidance, you will receive a double portion.

You keep reminding me that we’re not done yet but what we’ve achieved so far, I’m grateful. Thank you once more for being a blessing. Buki Mzamo-Mdlalo  (Life Strategist & Motivational Speaker @ Founder @

I have found Pat to be very efficient, professional, accommodating and friendly. It has been a pleasure doing business with her. Wendy Taylor (Owner @


Pat is a very chilled person and I enjoy working with her. She’s thorough, professional and straight-forward; if she can make it happen, she will and if she can’t shell let you know right away. Working with Pat has been amazing and I look forward to growing my brand with Brand Me Authentic. Kwande “Skwara” Cakata (Jazz Saxophonist @ Skwara On Sax)

Ready To Uplevel Your Brand?

Let’s work together to build your confidence and position your brilliance, so you can become memorable, marketable and profitable. In 30 days or less, we will work together to:

  • Package your expertise into a profitable lifestyle business.
  • Position your existing business online to attract more clients.
  • Launch your website to give you a professional presence online.
  • Take control of your digital brand to find your dream job.

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