Meet Pat Baiden

Personal branding is not about fancy packaging; it’s about positioning yourself strategically to pursue your purpose, profitably. (Pat Baiden)


Pat Baiden is a Certified Image Consultant, Personal Branding Strategist and Creator of the Profitable Brand Makeover System – a 3 step framework that helps entrepreneurs and corporate professionals gain the confidence to build and monetize their personal brands. A relentless entrepreneur and an avid student of personal impact & purposeful living, Pat has developed a finely tuned ability to extract & connect her clients’ true value to their life’s purpose – providing the clarity, strategy, and inspiration they need to pursue their personal and professional goals, profitably.

Over a decade ago, Pat walked out of what would become her very first and last full-time job as a marketing coordinator to launch her business in Image Consulting. ImageCare Consult transitioned from grooming job seekers to maximize their interview chances to a makeover studio, and later to a skills development business through which she mentored many individuals to start and grow profitable businesses in the beauty industry. Pat also worked with organizations such as SEDA, Elundini Municipality, Amatola Water, and many private firms.

In 2013, Pat combined her passion for entrepreneurship and personal development to launched Brand Me Authentic in a bid to pursue her personal mission in a manner that felt authentic and rewarding, both spiritually and financially. Leveraging her experience in image consulting, business development, marketing & online tools, Pat created the Profitable Brand Makeover System to build and monetize her own personal brand – a framework she has since used to help many others do the same.

Today, Pat spends her time working with individuals and groups through her workshops, done-for-you services and speaking. When she’s not preaching the personal branding gospel, you’ll find her sharing nuggets from the Real Gospel with others in an around East London.

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